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The Bambi Burger


I know, I know. With a name like “Bambi” on a site called “,” it’s easy to make assumptions. Well, I’ve got three words for you. Slow. Your. Roll… What else would you call a seasoned venison patty, smothered in melted taleggio cheese, creamy sauce chasseur (“hunter sauce”), quick pickle beets, pan-fried spam, and sandwiched between two buttery buns?

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Burger pervert and donut enthusiast. When I'm not delving into the dark arts of hamburgery, I work as a creative gun and food pornographer for hire. Hang with me on Twitter and Instagram @MathewRamsey

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  1. Please elaborate on the seasonings! Got a ton of venison at home and always looking for new ways to create in the kitchen!


  2. Please elaborate on the seasonings! I am always looking for new flavor combinations to use with my venison at home and you seem to know a thing or two about tantalizing the tastebuds. Thanks and keep it up!!


  3. Please open a restaurant to sell these bad boys!!!! They look awesome 🙂


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