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The Merman Burger


This mythical beast of a burger is all muscle splendor on top and hot tail on bottom. Nesting upon crunchy shrimp toast and seaweed salad, sits a juicy furikake-seasoned burger, bathed in an uni beurre blanc and adorned with capers, pickled fennel, and a fresh radish salad. This is one merman that’s comfortable being equal parts  surf and turf.

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Burger pervert and donut enthusiast. When I'm not delving into the dark arts of hamburgery, I work as a creative gun and food pornographer for hire. Hang with me on Twitter and Instagram @MathewRamsey

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  2. I have to tell you – I have been in the restaurant biz most of my life, and now have added food photographer to that resume…

    What you have done in one page with 5 burgers is the something truly inspirational!

    I feel such a sensory overload seeing the goodness, knowing the ingredients, and reading the accompanying story. I hope to see your work in museums and history books one day.

    Way to hit the ground running and taking it to the next level. Can’t wait to see more of these divine creations.



  3. These burgers are INSANE! Keep up the amazingly awesome work. Would love to know some recipes (especially for The Merman- shrimp toast = hot DAYUM!)


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