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The James Francophile Burger


This bromantic stack of sophistication has three degrees and a black belt in French kissing. We’re talking melted Gruyère de Comté over a grass fed beef patty, a black truffle demi glace, bone marrow onion jam, a gratuitous dick joke, pickled beets, and an oven crisped cheese puff. In fact, the only thing missing from this beasty, is a shirtless Seth Rogen.

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Burger pervert and donut enthusiast. When I'm not delving into the dark arts of hamburgery, I work as a creative gun and food pornographer for hire. Hang with me on Twitter and Instagram @MathewRamsey

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  1. curious about the pink stuff in it? in fairness its yummy from its look


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  6. Reblogged this on The Great Jellybean Bandit and commented:
    I skipped breakfast this morning because I was running late for work, rookie mistake! I though I could do this. I’m not hungry, I don’t need to run down to the shop to get some noms. Then I saw this!!! Aaaaaaaand now my mouth is watering, my brain is thinking of a way to speed up time using some form of quantum physics and my stomach has decided to sing the song of it’s people!

    Damn you PornBurger!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  8. thanks for the reply guys..I so love food but this is very enticing


  9. I love this blog! Where has it been all my life! Right now all I’m craving is the delicious, decadent burgers I see here! Keep the mouth watering posts coming!


  10. Oh my this looks amazing! I focus on healthy eating and how breathing is impacted through diet, but cheating a little with this burger would be a delight. Great blog.


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